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Thrown, glazed, stonware. Pink exerior glaze, white internal glaze.

Oak, brass fitting, braided linen power cable, UK plug. 2023. 


Height 39 cm, Diameter 25.5 cm (without lampshade). 


These lamps are inspired by the antique Chinese vases converted inot lamps in posh houses. The forms are a ubiquitous country house accessory, alongside garnitures, wall mounted displays of porcelain, and even full rooms clad in Chinese porcelain imports; blue and white porcelain being the most common. These grand displays optimise my interest in the social value of pots, however even the smallest piece proudly displayed in a home still holds social value. I am fascinated by the things we collect and display in our homes; their value to us, not their financial value but their value in terms of symbols of taste, culture, or expertise. Pots have long been used to communicate wealth, escapism, and even superiority. Understanding this and admiring the huge increase in the popularity of making pots leads to some fascinating questions, and lots of thoughts I continue to ponder in my studio.

Stoneware Lamp Base

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